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Posted by Joyce Torelli on 1/31/2018

Your attic; itís a great place for storing things that you need to keep out of the way for most of the year. Maybe a little too great. If your attic is anything like most peopleís it quickly has become overridden with anything and everything you canít quite let go of or donít know where to put. Perhaps itís overwhelming to even think about your attic. If you are ready to make your attic more organized or need an idea of where to start, keep reading. If you are planning a major overhaul on your disorganized attic consider breaking up the following tips over a longer span of time than just the weekend to avoid being overwhelmed. The process of sorting through the items that find their way to the attic can be mentally draining as well as physically. Start with a decluttering process. Create a blank slate by pulling everything out of the attic and get rid of everything you no longer want to hold onto. Holding a yard sale or donating items are both ways of giving things you no longer want a chance at a second life and keeping them out of the dump. This is also a great time to figure out what should stay in the attic and what can be moved to other places in the home. Some types of household goods are best not stored in an attic. Once you have settled on what will be staying create an inventory of what is left and create categories for the items you will be storing in your attic. Themes should become apparent such as Christmas ornaments and nostalgic items. Group these similar items together so the next steps will be easier. Now that you know what items are staying and what categories you have you can start thinking about storage arrangements. If you have been keeping everything in cardboard boxes or just strewn about consider investing in some plastic bins for safer storage. Plastic bins can help protect against any roof leaks or other unexpected damage. If you have enough vertical space installing shelving units will help maximize the space available in your attic and allow you to easily organize everything. Be sure to properly store things (Christmas ornaments are wrapped, documents are in file folders, etc.) and label each box accordingly. Designing a layout plan for where containers are placed in your attic will set you up for success in the future. Place lower priority items towards the back of your attic space and/or in harder to reach areas while placing more frequently used items in easy to reach areas. Extra steps for the dedicated: Create an inventory of what is in each box and number them, add this list to a home organization binder or somewhere handy to reference. This will allow you to know what is where in your attic and eliminate opening every box each time you want to find something. Color coding bins by their category and/or numbering them will allow for easy inventory creation and knowing which bins contain holiday decorations or seasonal clothes. While the thought of organizing your attic might fill you with dread taking the time to do so will allow you to create a storage space in your home that is stress-free and easy to access. With a clear plan in hand and spreading out your organization project over several days planning out your attic storage might even become an enjoyable task!

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Posted by Joyce Torelli on 9/27/2017

If youíre looking for space in your house to create a third or fourth bedroom, consider your attic. This uppermost room of your home could become a favorite hangout. Add in a comfortable queen or king size bed, a chair, dresser, greenery and office desk and your attic could become your bedroom and office space. But, first make the room inviting and easy to get to.

Attic durability goes a long way

You could open attic access panels and place a ladder from the second or third floor of your house to the attic entrance. You could also build a drop-down ladder that when unfolded, extends from the highest floor of your house into the attic.

Access openings must meet housing code standards. Depending on where you live, your atticís opening may need to be 30 inches by 30 inches at the minimum. Size of the opening depends on whether the opening is located in the ceiling or wall.

Make sure that the attic ladder is durable, preferably built with three quarter inch plywood. Permanent stairs and wrought iron steps with rails offer additional support. If young children will access the attic, steps with rails may be your best option.

For durability and to prevent sagging and potential breaks, opt for attic floors that are built with three quarter inch plywood as well. As another option, you could also go with solid hardwood floor panels.

Pay attention to the price, look and feel of flooring before you renovate your attic. But, donít make buying the cheapest floor panels a priority or flooring could give way if heavy furniture is placed in the attic or children or adults cross the floor hard while walking or playing.

Create a welcoming attic space

Adequate insulation is a must to create a welcoming attic space. Install quality insulation in the ceiling and walls. Cover insulation with drywall. If you donít have experience installing insulation, flooring and drywall, consider hiring an experienced contractor.

Renovate your attic right the first time, and you can save money, time and frustration. After you install the attic door, steps, flooring, insulation and drywall, start adding in furniture. Be careful where you place furniture, as you want to allow as much natural light to stream into the attic as possible.

Avoid placing too many heavy furniture pieces in the center of the attic. For example, you can place a bedroom dresser or chest near a back wall and place the bed along the longest wall in the attic. If you do use your attic as an office space, try placing a desk and chair in front of the attic window. That or you could place your office desk and chair across the floor from the attic bed.

Just make sure that you donít cram too many items into the room. It may take a few weeks to adjust to seeing your attic as a bedroom and office space. To help you accept the space as a true bedroom and office space, place plants and flowers in decorative vases. Hang portraits and paintings on the wall. Before long,your attic may become a favorite room.

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